Buy Online Bloody Knees - You Can Have It EP (7-Inch VInyl) + Maybe It's Easy EP (12-Inch Vinyl)

Bloody Knees

You Can Have It EP (7-Inch VInyl) + Maybe It's Easy EP (12-Inch Vinyl)


Release Date: 05/10/2018

This multi buy includes:

  • Maybe It's Easy EP (12-Inch Vinyl)
  • You Can Have It EP (7-Inch Vinyl)

“One of the gnarliest, most hardworking bands and reckless crews in British Music are back” -- NOISEY

“Biting indie punk sound” -- CLASH

“At their most searing, visceral best” -- DIY

You Can Have It EP

Bloody Knees release their new EP ‘You Can Have It’ via Distiller Records available on 7’’ vinyl. The guitar slinging, furiously energetic four-piece from Cambridge are bigger and better than ever, triumphing in the face of adversity and melting faces across the country. Get your hands on one of their latest record now!

1. Spinning
2. You Can Have It
3. Reel
4. Something Nice

Maybe It's Easy EP

Bloody Knees announce the release of their new EP ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ via Distiller Records, now available on 12’’ vinyl. The brash four-piece from Cambridge have been killing shows all over the UK for a good number of years and if you've seen them live, you'll be well aware of the energy that emanates from the stage and into the riotous crowd every time they play. Get one of these limited copies now!

1. Maybe It's Easy
2. Not Done
3. I Want It All
4. Like What You See
5. We Can Go Wherever